I Saw The Fertility Orgy of the Nhanga Pygmies

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Man's Action September 1959 thumbnail
Man's Action September 1959

Also featuring Nine Sex Pitfalls You Face, Blue Murder Wears Horns, and The Paradise Maidens of Snowbound Jones

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The Nude Sioux Princess

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Man's Action Magazine August 1962 thumbnail
Man's Action Magazine August 1962

They knew that they were moments away from death — so they decided to live those moments

Also featuring The Nude Cat Women Of France, Confessions Of A Teen-Age White Slaver, and The Bloody History Of The Fighting 1st Marines

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Grinning Horror Of Haiti’s Tonton Macoute

Man's Action February 1969 thumbnail
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Man's Action February 1969

Also featuring Skillful Pros Can Save Your Marriage!, Deadly G-String Love Wager, and Hong Kong’s Green Pang Torture Terrorists

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Treasure Bonanza: A Gold Hole Worth $3,000,000

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MANS ACTION January 1963 thumbnail
MANS ACTION January 1963

Also, A Night Of Lustful Horror and Mufti Marshouk’s Pleasure Dome Of 29 Nudes


I Heard The Sacred Statue Scream

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Man's Action June 1969 thumbnail
Man's Action June 1969

Also featuring The Willing Witches Of Stud Island, Nude on Horseback, Forbidden House of the Golden-Legged Girls, Sex Investigators… How They Spy On You!, How and Where To Find Millions In Gold And Jewels, and 9 Sure Ways To Increase Your Sex Power

Holy crap! They should charge WAY more than 39¢ for this kind of information.


You Can Be A Blackmail Victim!

Man's Action Magazine May 1962 thumbnail
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Man's Action Magazine May 1962

Note the woman in the back with the whip.

Also featuring $2,000,000 In Treasure — If You’re Not Afraid Of The Screaming Virgin Curse!, and I Was A Call-Girl’s Boyfriend!

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