Surf Pack Assassins


They Lived for Sin, Sun, and Sudden Death

They were a wild groups of young Americans on a surfing and sex binge that had taken them halfway across the world — and lurking among them was a Red killmaster out to trigger a three-continent orgy of subversion and murder. Then a Yank undercover man infiltrated their treacherous ranks, moving up a girl by girl, thrill by thrill ladder in search of his deadly quarry, aware that a single false move would throw him into the path of a tidal wave of violent revenge…

And just in case that doesn’t sound awesome enough for you, that guy has a .30 caliber medium machine gun mounted on his surfboard. Top that!


Skull Hunt On Pygmy Island


Also includes ‘Nation-Wide Shame of Teen-Age Sin Clubs’, ‘Crawling Death Rides My Cockpit’, and ‘Death Fight For Love at the Slaughterhouse Bordello’


The Case of the Reluctant Model


Reluctant to do what, I wonder?


The Brazen

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Al Wheeler is stuck with a dad man at his feet — and three high-living females on his hands…

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Six-Gun Ambush (Original title: Pleasant Jim)



She Wouldn’t Surrender

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The Wild Days and Nights of Belle Boyd — The Notorious Confederate Spy

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The Curtain Never Falls


The Love Life of a Handsome Heel

A tough, realistic novel of show business by one of America’s top comedians of television, screen and radio.


The Girl Who Was Possessed


A luscious witch practices sorcery and sins herself into an early grave

From the back:

The Voodoo she’d do would drive men wild. Her naked body glowed in the black candlelight as she danced with sensual abandon. She was a witch, a wanton. She played the devil, and she wound up dead! Homicide lieutenant Al Wheeler learns all about sorcery when he investigates the death of a beautiful hex-cat and smashes into a cult of weird worshipers who crave sensation, sin, and Satan.


The Last Days of Sodom and Gomorrah

Signet 1399 Paperback Original (March, 1957). Cover by Robert Maguire thumbnail
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Signet 1399 Paperback Original (March, 1957). Cover by Robert Maguire

Passions and Debauchery Explode in History’s Most Wicked City

Shouldn’t that be “cities”?


Dr. No


A beautiful nature girl and secret agent James Bond battle a power-mad maniac on a secluded island of death

The artist read the book! Honeychile Ryder is described wearing a loose cotton shirt and belt, carrying a knife, when she and Bond explore No’s island.


New Pulp Covers Profile Image


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From The Deadly September, retouched by the awesome Jeremy Hodges