The Last Man on Starbuck Island


Is he being attacked by trout?

The Day They Captured The Empire State Building

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A Psychotic Millionaire. His Private Army of Ruthless Fanatics. A Brigade of Love-Starved Call Girls.

Also featuring: The Woman’s Bedroom Role, Sexual Foreplay: What MEN Have A Right To Demand, and I Escaped the Blood-Sucking Motilone Tribe


Captain Venture and The Land Beneath The Sea

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These are the only two issues of this publication, which featured reprints of a back-up series from earlier issues of Gold Key’s Space Family Robinson.


We Battled Hitler’s Blood Crazed Amazons!

20164605-Man's Exploits, April 1963

Also, ‘The Lion Women Wanted My Body’, and ‘The Bawdy Mata Hari Who Sank A Fleet!’

Ride the Nazi’s Swing of Agony, Lovely Maiden

20131263-New Man - 1968 04 April - Cover by Basil Gogos

Also featuring Beware the Lust Traps of the She Wolves, Walk Into Death At Hell’s Crossroads, Shocking Scandal of Suburbia’s Strange Wives, Golden Nudes of the Monster Wizard, and my personal favorite, Fantastic Love War of the West’s Mother-Daughter Team.

Torturing Tarts of Frankfurt


The sight of pain made her shriek with pleasure

Also includes, ‘Sex Is Their Business’ and ‘Bonus: How To Cash In On The Horses’


Saucer over Italy


Also, ‘Radio to other Worlds’, and ‘Religion and the Saucers’

Of course, that thing on the cover looks nothing like a saucer. 


The Stalag-Busting Women-Without-Men Escape Chain of Capt. Lester Maney

True Men Magazine May 1962

Also featuring, That Buy Now — Sin Later Craze: Sex On the Installment Plan for Debt-Plauged Girls, and The 5 Wild Wife-Swap Party-Games that Stunned New Jersey’s Suburbs

Remember when a wild sex party could shock New Jersey? Yeah, me neither.