Journey To Damar: Pacific Paradise-Hell Isle Of The Everlasting Dead

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That sounded like a zombie story to me. But when I received the magazine and read it I found out “the everlasting dead” were not “living dead.” They’re dead dead. They’re the bodies of unfortunate victims of a South Seas tribe that likes to preserve the sacrificial victims they use in their tribal ceremonies. Ah well, the cover painting is still very cool — and so is the interior artwork for the story, which is titled “Ordeal on the Isle of the Everlasting Dead.”

Also includes How — When — Where: You Can Fight For Fortune Under Foreign Flags, and The Diet That Can Double Your Sexual Batting Average!

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The Desperate Raid Of The Rebel Pink Panty Platoon

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The Rebel harlots beckoned to lusting Yankees

Diane’s lovely wantons marched to the tune of a sultry love song. Their battle banner was a petticoat waiving in the breeze. They were the South’s deadliest weapon.

Also featuring Yankee Woman, You Die Slowly, How I Roll You, Honey, 1000 Brides For The Devil’s Lust and Bone Crushers on Ice

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Man-Hungry Nymph Who Stole Red China’s Secret “Super MiG”


Passion Target For A Yank Undercover Agent

They were murderous, sonic-crashing fighter-interceptors, the Reds’ first challenge to our 104A’s, and if even one squadron of them reached Viet Nam, thousands of GI’s might die. Then a steel-gutted CIA ace and an ivory-skinned love tiger plunged thousands of miles into enemy territory on the Cold War’s most desperate sabotage flight, determined to turn this armada of “miracle planes” into a forest of scorched junk