Is Lesbianism A Cure For Frigid Women?

Real Men April 1964

More research is still needed.


The Yank Who Ran Paris’ Playgirl Sabotage Ring

For Men Only September 1960

His Platoon Of French Models Hijacked A Top Missile Scientist From Under The Gestapo’s Nose

Also featuring Man-Hungry Queen In The White Doctor’s Jungle Paradise 


Kayo The German Lighthouse And Save The Anzio Landing

Bluebook August 1963 thumbnail
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Bluebook August 1963

Also featuring Sinful Madam Elva: World’s Wealthiest Call Girl, Our New Underwater Air Force (Fighter-bombers launched from 100 feet below the ocean), American Agent Murdoch’s Escape From Russia’s Dragnet, and After 29 Days The Crew Ate Pilot Malmgren. This entire issue can be downloaded here


How Nazis Debauch Paris Womanhood

February 21, 1942 Detective Fiction


The Berlin Bordello Where Hitler’s Gestapo Boys Got Their Special Kicks!


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A Scream For A Whip-Mad Woman

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Real Action, June 1963 thumbnail
Real Action, June 1963 (2) thumbnail
Real Action, June 1963 (3) thumbnail
Real Action, June 1963
Real Action, June 1963 (2)
Real Action, June 1963 (3)

Also, Medical Statistics Prove That Sex Can Prevent Cancer and The Village of Headless Virgins

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Hitler’s Secret Army Of American Prostitutes!

Battle Cry February 1958

Also featuring Bataan Death March and The Red-Ball Express


Operation Blood: Get Hitler’s Maiden Butchering Sadist

Man's Epic January 1970

Also featuring Where Ski Bunnies Go To Run Wild, $10,000 For Your Corpse!, The Sizzling Nympho Who Outsmarted The Soviets’ KGB, and Inside The Hottest Passion Spa South Of The Border


The Man Who Tried To Conquer America

Big Adventure November 1960

Also, The Intimate Story Of Female Wresting and The Doctor Who Lived In Death!


Lust Slaves Of Hitler’s Warsaw Butcher

World Of Men November 1967


The People Who Worship Pain

Man's Adventure March 1963

Also featuring The Happiest Harem In America, Snarling Teeth Of Slaughter, and SEX — 24 Hours A Day