Hitler’s Secret Army Of American Prostitutes!

Battle Cry February 1958

Also featuring Bataan Death March and The Red-Ball Express


Operation Blood: Get Hitler’s Maiden Butchering Sadist

Man's Epic January 1970

Also featuring Where Ski Bunnies Go To Run Wild, $10,000 For Your Corpse!, The Sizzling Nympho Who Outsmarted The Soviets’ KGB, and Inside The Hottest Passion Spa South Of The Border


The Man Who Tried To Conquer America

Big Adventure November 1960

Also, The Intimate Story Of Female Wresting and The Doctor Who Lived In Death!


Lust Slaves Of Hitler’s Warsaw Butcher

World Of Men November 1967


The People Who Worship Pain

Man's Adventure March 1963

Also featuring The Happiest Harem In America, Snarling Teeth Of Slaughter, and SEX — 24 Hours A Day


Embrace Me And Die, Amerikaner Schweinhund!

New Man January 1964

Also featuring The Damned Virgins In The Nomad’s Tent Of Agony, The Italian Playgirl Navy That Smashed The Nazis, and Beware The Lust Trap Of “Experianced” Women


They Drink Anything

Battle Cry December 1961

Also featuring Sex Before Marriage, The City Of Legal Vice, and Kiss The Girls Good-Bye


Mountain Of Dying Flesh

REAL MEN December 1964 8-9

Also featuring I Took A Chance With Sex Pictures, A Personal Report On Wife Swapping, Devil Behind Bars, and The Naked Blonde Of Paris

This cover art was later reused for the May 1966 issue of Man’s Life

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Chained Nudes For The Devil’s Legion

MANS EPIC December 1964 2-5

Also, Love In A Suitcase and The Lesbian Epidemic That Is Ruining Your Sex Life

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Soft Flesh for the Dungeon of the Damned

MEN TODAY August 1965 5-4 thumbnail
Men Today August 1965 thumbnail
MEN TODAY August 1965 5-4
Men Today August 1965

Also featuring Sex-Starved Women Who Pay $$$ For Their Kicks, The Tragedy Of Our Teen-Age Nymphos, and I Was A Slave Of The Stag Movie Syndicate

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Incident At Benghasi

MANS LIFE May 1966 10

One man and six women behind the German lines in North Africa

Also, Wife-Swapping: The Modern Way To Happiness!, The Viet-Cong Commander’s Private Camp Of Pain!, Smuggle Her To Freedom!, and I Found The Treasure Of Hadramut!

via the Jordan Evans collection

1,000,000 Nymphos: The Facts About Sex-Mad Women

MANS ADVENTURE June 1964 5-8

Also featuring Why Couples Turn To Wife Swapping, How To Make The Dice Work For You, and It Takes More Than Guts To Survive In The Open Water: Death Below The Sea

via the Jordan Evans collection