Noir Paperback Cover Paintings

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23609565-EDMOND_GRAY_(American_20th_Century)._Crime_noir_paperback_cover thumbnail
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Here is some cover art sans covers. In fact, not only do I not have the covers, I can’t find the names of the paperback they were printed for, or in three cases even the names of the artists. However, they were just too good to not share.

If anyone has any more info about these paintings, please let me know. Enjoy!

Via Heritage Auctions here, here, here, here, and here

The Max

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Caged… and Dangerous!

When last we saw Max Fisher and Angela Petrakos, Max was being arrested by the NYPD for drug trafficking and Angela was fleeing the country in the wake of a brutal murder. Now both are headed for eye-opening encounters with the law—Max in the cell blocks of Attica, Angela in a quaint little prison on the Greek island of Lesbos…

via Hard Case Crime