The Star Trap


She was cool and lovely and always just out of my reach — until blackmail sent her spinning into my life


The Sex Trap Lure Of The Starlet Bombshell

New Man December 1965

It seems “bombshell” is being used here a bit more literally than normal.


The Love Trap

Brandon House 948 1965 thumbnail
Brandon House 948 1966 thumbnail
Brandon House 948 1965
Brandon House 948 1966

Aspiring Stars and Starlets Submit to Twisted Desires in… The Love Trap

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Sex Trap

Playtime #700-S

She needed him real bad… first in bed, the staked out as her husband’s corpse

Unrelated to The Sex Trap Lure Of The Starlet Bombshell


Assignment: Star Stealers


Sam Durell sets a trap for a gang of international hijackers — with himself as bait! 


That Motorcycle Boy

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One after another the restless suburban wives fell under his spell…

The penetrating story of a teen-ager who had a way with older women

From the back:

They protected him so they could use him…

There was something about Gordon. He was spoiled. He was wild. He was too smart for his own good. And he had sex appeal.
After his last motorcycle escapade with a girl, he required a hiding place. His mother’s young suburban friends rallied around. After all, the boy had to have a protector, didn’t he? And maybe a little tender, loving care.
Which was all Gordon needed to start operating…

Ginnie was a pretty little newlywed just out of her teens. It did not take long for her care to turn into passion.

Carmen was a warm-blooded Latin. The brat in Gordon appealed strongly to her own uninhibited lustiness.

Eustice was fighting the odds in her wild marital life. She recognized in Gordon a fellow loser… but knew that two losers could make it together.

Here is the stark novel of an amoral boy trapped in the sex web of young-adult suburbia.

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Death Orgy of the Leopard Women


You can read this entire cover story below.



Sex with a Twist

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She Gave Her Chastity To Charity
What goes on inside a charity racket that uses a beautiful girl as a sex trap

From the back:

Vicky Shore was the magnetic “come on” girl for a charity racket that used the popularity of a new dance craze, “the twist,” to relieve innocent people of their money, and not so innocent people of their sexual inhibitions. When Vicky started to twist her voluptuous body, men started to squirm in anticipation of the private lessons she promised them — when Vicky would be stripped of her last inhibition and anything went.

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Man-Hungry / The Saint And Sinners Murder Case! / I’ll Kiss You And Kill You

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“Sure I Lust For Love,” She Smiled. “But What’s More I Also Love Lust!”
LOVE STARVED . . . and strangely addicted to her dangerous desires Cilo Haven searched the byways of her soul trying to find the ultimate in passions and pleasures of the flesh. That’s why so few men found her lacking in the intimate knowledge of love and desire . . . and fewer yet realized what kind of woman she really was . . . until it was too late for them to withdraw from the tendrils of her trap of . . . LUST AND SIN!”

From Heritage Auctions:

This painting was originally published as the cover for All True Police Detective Cases October, 1950, albeit in another variation (which would have been the original version of the painting). It was also slightly altered again and used later for the cover of Police Detective July, 1958. The current state of the painting is presumed to have been published a third time as a cover-though we were unable to nail down this usage

Obviously, I was able to nail down the usage, as well as add Best True Fact Detective July 1954

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Obsession (1965)

Midwood 32-510 1965

There wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do to be alone with this strange and sensual creature

From the back:

The Velvet Trap
She had wanted only to be loved, to be desired, to please and be pleased. Somehow, somewhere during her quest for fulfillment, she’d become both the used and the user, the subject and the object, a creature of both ecstasy and despair.
Was this to be her fate: to be a mere plaything of these savage, lusting women… a helpless victim of their strange sickness? Was this to be her life: to be passed around among these hard and voracious creatures who cared nothing about her feelings but only her body… who took without giving, seeking only to satisfy their own depraved and jaded needs?


Loose Women

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Lancer Domino 72-670, 1963

He Was Caught In A Trap Baited With Two Lavish Female Bodies

From the back:

Sandra had a lush, ripe body that was made for love, and she knew it.
Joe Black knew it too, and after a few days alone with her on his boat, he forgot about Alice who had given all of herself to him.
But then strange things started occurring, and the insatiable, passionate love of two women wasn’t enough to keep Joe from seeing what was happening …to him.

Do you ever wonder what these books are actually about? There is a review of this one here.

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69 Barrow Street (Hard Case Crime)


At The Intersection Of Sin And Madness…

Greenwich Village: home to every form of depravity and perversion known to man…or woman.

It’s on the streets of the Village that Ralph met Stella—but what started as a love affair between a painter and his seductive muse has become torment as he’s found himself drawn into her world of cruel pleasures. It’s a tinderbox of hatred and desire—and when beautiful Susan Rivers moves into their apartment building, tempting Ralph and Stella both, it’s set to ignite.

From dim waterfront bars to the movie houses of Times Square, from nights in rat-trap hotel rooms to drug-fueled orgies in ground-floor apartments, no one can bring 1960s New York to life like Edgar Award winner Lawrence Block. And in this early tale of psychological suspense—unavailable for fifty years and never before published under his real name—readers will discover a harrowing portrait of men and women pushed to their limits and beyond. It’s a double shot of darkness as only Lawrence Block can deliver it.

Published as part of a “Double Novel” with another Lawrence Block story, Strange Embrace.

The original Paul Rader cover is here.

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