The People Who Worship Pain

Man's Adventure March 1963

Also featuring The Happiest Harem In America, Snarling Teeth Of Slaughter, and SEX — 24 Hours A Day


The Frightened Nude Who Saw Too Much To Live!

Real Men, January 1969 thumbnail
Real Men, January 1969-2 thumbnail
Real Men, January 1969-3 thumbnail
Real Men, January 1969-4 thumbnail
Real Men, January 1969
Real Men, January 1969-2
Real Men, January 1969-3
Real Men, January 1969-4

Also featuring How To Rate Your Woman As A Bed Performer!, Girls Who Enjoy Working In Sex FilmsThe Love-for-Pay Queen Who Helped Build an Empire Of Vice!, and The Day I Bathed In Human Blood!


Help Yourself To The Lost Treasure Of The Crusades

Real Men May 1971


Drown The Guns At Trondheim

FOR MEN ONLY August 1965 12-8

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I Found a Jungle Temptress

Adventure Magazine December 1965 thumbnail
Adventure December 1965 thumbnail
Adventure Magazine December 1965
Adventure December 1965

Also, Where to Go Bikini Watching in Spain, Fidel Castro’s Sex Secret, and India’s Ancient Love Manual: Translated Into Plain English

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Back Home At The O.R.G.Y.

Berkley Medallion X1510 1968


Secrets of the Africa Corps Torture Palace

Man’s Epic August 1964 thumbnail
Man’s Epic, August 1964 thumbnail
Man’s Epic August 1964
Man’s Epic, August 1964

Also featuring Love Slaves Of France’s Army, I Was A Teenage Nympho, and 10 to 1 You Flunk As A Lover

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Spider #3: The City Destroyer

Pocket Books #77943

A reprint of this issue


Prize Pupil

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She was the innocent victim of an unscrupulous man

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The Yank Who Drowned A German Army

Complete Man September 1965

Also featuring Showdown For A Passionate Nymph, The American Bachelor: Lover Or Sex Neurotic? and “Give Give” Girls Who Hunt GIs