Winner Take All

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Midwood 32-522, 1965

The inside story of the beauty contest racket and the star-struck young girls it corrupts!!

From the back:

The Finalists
Jeanne… the day she received the telegram, she was in a hotel room, sprawled nakedly across a mussed bed beside a snoring man whose name she couldn’t recall.
Louise… the evening she received her telegram, she was in the midst of teaching her youthful boyfriend exactly how she expected him to treat her… and please her.
Patti… the afternoon she received the telegram, she was throwing a very special cocktail party for a small group of very intimate friends … all of them very attractive and very feminine.

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April North

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Beacon Books - B456F Al Rossi
1965 beacon #B-801X

She meant to say “NO”…

The Tragedy Of Our High Schools — Where The Kids Too Often Catch Up With Their Fast-Living Elders!

After that first experience, they called her “easy”… and that was what she was to the small-town sexpack — whose country club set gave a postgraduate course in lust… before she was through high-school

This entire book can be downloaded here

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Tutor from Lesbos

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beacon #B-5731X 1964

Instruction — Female
Tutor from Lesbos desires lovely young pupil. No charge.

From the back:

How Much Does It Take To Warp A Girl?

Discover the answer with — Ginny: a reckless teenager whose desire for “love” makes her vulnerable to perverse advances.

Consider the emotions of Diane, experienced and beautiful, who does not want to prey on the child yet cannot resist her.

Feel the despair of Hamilton as he watches his lovely daughter accepting the embraces of another woman.

Witness the desperation of Sonja the dancing teacher whose fate it is to covet both a woman and a man…